Ceiling Tile Installation Tips

Recommended Tools

Personal protection equipment is not required to handle Qwel™ ceiling tiles.


Sharp utility


Clean, cut
resistant gloves




24+" straight

Qwel™ designer acoustic tiles are designed to be installed in standard suspended ceiling grids including dimensional designs specific to 15/16” and 9/16” grid systems. Tiles must be stored indoors and only installed in interior applications.

Before installing your tiles, ensure the grid system has been installed according to the local Building Code, as per manufacturers’ specification and is true and square.

Inspect tiles to ensure they are free from damage or obvious defects.

Only commence tile installation once the building is fully clad, water-tight, dry and all wet processes have been completed.

Fittings and fixtures, including those with protrusions like sprinkler heads, should be installed prior to tile installation.

Lighting and other fixtures must be independently supported. Qwel™ tiles should not be used to support lighting or other fixtures.

When cutting holes for fixtures, cut through tiles face-side up using a sharp utility knife.

Molded or dimensional tiles are not designed to be cut to size. Flat tiles should be used where partial tiles are required, such as the perimeter of a room. To trim flat tiles, place tile on a steady surface and make multiple shallow passes with a sharp utility knife pressed against a 24+” straight edge. 

Tiles may be flexed during installation but avoid excessive bending.

Install tiles by tilting them through the grid system and laying them flat onto the grid system. Ensure tiles are flush with the grid and no gaps are visible from below.

Ceiling tile clips may be used to hold tiles in place.

Maintaining Qwel Tiles

Qwel Tiles are made from PET fibers for easy cleaning, typically with just soap and water.

Cleaning and Care

5-Year Limited Warranty

Qwel™ tiles are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects when installed and used as intended for five years from the date of purchase.

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